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Friday, July 15, 2016

Rum Journal: The Corner


One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. The area gets its name from being just west of bicentennial park, home of Miami’s new art and science museums. Surrounded by the media and entertainment district, park west is part of Miami’s vibrant nightlife, culture, and art scene.

     The Corner was been voted the Best Cocktails in Miami, Best Jazz Night in Miami, Best After-Hours in Miami. It opens late and closes early. 

"Step inside, my pretty, and taste my delicious cocktails," this siren of a bar calls to you, and you obey. What? A bar is speaking? Of course! Haven't you heard of the term speakeasy? Once inside, you're teleported to a dimension where bartenders wear vests and make classic cocktails using spirits such as moonshine, white whiskey, and absinthe. You're not in Miami; you're in the "Cocktail Zone." .... Miami News Times. 

To review the entire article please click the link here.

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