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Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Meet the Brokers " Donnelly and Maria

A Team Going Beyond and Results that Move YOU!
Our Promise

     At Blue Reef, "The Sales and Rental Specialists", it is a priority to cater to client's needs and dreams in order to find that "perfect home, or perfect investment." The team strives to offer the best real estate experience by discussing the needs of the client in detail. The locations, verbal descriptions and images of the properties are all provided promptly, for the client's perusal. Familiarization with neighboring communities and their various amenities are taken into consideration as well as the nature of the intended expenditure. Every detail, every client's request is considered. Blue Reef offers quite a list of properties; ranging from cozy, modest homes, to upscale residences. We also offer a wide range of rentals.

     We also extended a hand to our valued clientele by offering advice concerning necessary fees, applications and licenses, Blue Reef's assistance never ends just at picking your dream property; the team goes the extra mile to ensure that the client is by all means comfortable and satisfied with their choice. We pride ourselves in taking the time to regard our client's interests personally. To truly understand the needs, and requirements of the property that suits the valued client. With kind words, a warm honest atmosphere and the willingness to attend to the needs of the client; Maria and her team provide the quintessence of the Real Estate Business –
Match Making, in its purest form.

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